trishs-fitness transformation at the Garage Gym in Amherstburg

Trish’s Transformation

The most inspiring people I have ever met don’t even know they are that way, it is their natural state. Trish is one of those people. She is naturally caring, thoughtful and kind. She hugs you as if she is trying to show you just how strong she is. She makes everyone around her want to be better.

Trish is a working mom, a wife and has come a very long way, not only as a mom or in the gym but mostly in her own skin. She has also had the highest female score two years in a row in The Garage Gym Games, a test of overall strength and conditioning within our gym. Trish makes the most of her daily life by choosing to make healthy meals for her family, working out consistently and spending her free time with her husband and children.Trishs 6 week transformation at The Garage Gym in Amherstburg Ontario CanadaThis is her ‘why’…

“I’ve always had a zest for life, enjoying the outdoors, yoga and travelling the globe. One thing I never had was proper education on nutrition.trishs-transformation-rowing at the Garage Gym in Amherstburg Ontario Canada
My body used to be my worst enemy. I was on a never-ending yoyo diet. Too much of this, not enough of that. I covered it, abused it and neglected it, all in hopes of one day accepting it.
After I had my first child, I felt obligated to put my family’s needs before my own. I soon realized that in order for me to love and care for others, I needed to start with myself.

My daughter was 4 months old when I started my fitness journey. I worked hard to lose weight and eat healthy but I worked harder on keeping my mind and soul healthy.
My body created and sustained the lives of my children. It has been a process to learn to love my body; not for thinner thighs or bigger boobs, not free of stretch marks, just as it is.

I chose to invest in myself. The Garage Gym community has taught me to trust the process. Balance is key.
I feel that I now have a better understanding and knowledge of nutrition and how to fuel my body to help me feel good.

With the support of my husband, we’re learning together and loving the process! My goal is to teach my children to love, honour and respect their bodies.

My advice – take action and seek out the support, mentorship and community to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.”

-Trish M.

author: Dani Smith

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