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As a child, I played on a few house league sport teams and didn’t really participate in any clubs. In a sense, I hadn’t found my passion yet. Nothing truly excited me nor drove me to search for new ways to educate myself and completely immerse myself into any particular subject. Until, I found the gym. I had previously taken a course in high school that involved generating and performing our own workouts which originally sparked my interest in fitness but it didn’t truly become a passion of mine until I started at The Garage Gym.

I finally felt at home. That sense of community I had been searching for was there and the culture aligned with my values. I finally felt the motivation to completely immerse myself into something which is what I felt was missing. Above all else, I had the drive to be 1% better every single day and that is why I know that fitness is one of my passions.

Now, being a part of this gym as a trainer I have been given the opportunity to make the members feel as comfortable, at home, valued and welcomed as possible; just like I needed when I found this community.

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