Founder, Head Trainer

“I practice simple effective fitness designed to make people stronger, faster and healthier. My years of law enforcement experience has allowed me to develop team building and stress management skills which I pass on to our members to help them prepare for dealing with life’s obstacles. My purpose in life is to be a positive influence on my community. The Garage Gym has provided me with an amazing opportunity to do just that. I look forward to every day I spend in this place surrounded by such an amazing group of people.”

Tony Smith is an expert in the areas of motivation, team building, tactical fitness and combat readiness. Tony served as a highly decorated police officer for over 18 years. He served as the leader of the Tactical Response Unit (Emergency Services Unit). He is also a trained hostage negotiator, a Canadian Certified Use Of Force Instructor, a Less Lethal Specialist, and a Master Taser Instructor.  During his illustrious career, he led over 5000 tactical operations including numerous high-risk apprehensions. He was instrumental in developing the selection process for the Windsor Police Tactical Unit and he also implemented a department-wide taser initiative. In addition to the above qualifications, he is also an accredited Mental Readiness Trainer and Police Fitness Appraiser (You can find a full list of courses and certifications below).  He has helped countless people increase their confidence, and achieve their fitness goals. He also is the Strength and Conditioning coach for standout UFC fighter Randa Markos.  Tony has led the charge in raising over $100,000 for charity.   In 2018 Tony resigned from Law Enforcement in order to in a quest to create a positive impact on as many people as possible.

Qualifications & Certifications

Canada’s First Gym Jones Instructor

Maximus Method Advisor

Mental Readiness Trainer

Police Fitness Appraiser

Canadian Protein sponsored athlete

Currently completing Diesel Strength CPPS L1 and Westside Barbell L1

Founder/Instructor @Tangowon – Testosterone Training and Survival Camp

18 year Police Veteran, 10 year tactical operator, 6 years tactical team leader

Hostage/Crisis Negotiator

 Use of Force Instructor

Less Lethal Specialist

Tactical Ground Fighting

VIP Security

MP5, C8 Submachine Gun 

Explosive Forced Entry

NCCPT Group Training

StrongFirst KB User Course

ASC Big 3 Seminar

Founder/Instructor Police Tactical Awareness and Tactical Selections Course

Founder/Chair Ontario Tactical Team Leader Symposium Association

Controlled Entry Instructor

Hostage Rescue Instructor

Master Taser Instructor

Simmunition Instructor

Distraction Device Instructor

PreHospital Training and Life Support

Taser Technician, Armorer

Tactical Team Leader Development 

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