Marcela The Garage Gym trainer


Fitness has been a large part of my life from a very young age in the way of competitive sports.  I believe in pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and beyond my limits.  As an adult, I’ve completed Ironmans, marathons, an ultra-marathon and Spartan races.  My eventual goal is completing a 100-mile race in under 24hours.
 Strength, not just endurance, became a focal point to me.  I began strength training and then found The Garage Gym!  It brought my endurance and strength together and to the next level, as well as fed into my competitive nature.
I love this gym because it encourages individuals to push themselves, it celebrates individual accomplishments and motivates people to become the best version of themselves.  It’s more than just a “gym”, it’s full of like-minded people who together make a family.  It creates what I have always believed and lived by, which is “being great at being comfortable with being uncomfortable”.
The Garage Gym encourages each and every member to encourage and motivate each other!  There is nowhere anywhere like “The Garage Gym”




• Pre-Script Mobility
• Stability
• Strength Coach

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