Admin Assistant, Trainer

CanFit Pro- Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)
Arko Training Systems (ATS) Certified
First Aid/ CPR-C
NCCP Development-1 Hockey Coaching
NCCP Soccer for Life Coaching
NNCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability
HDCO Trainer Level 2
MED Coaching Association of Canada

My passion in this gym is training our youth athletes. I have gained considerable coaching knowledge in sport over the past 7 years while coaching hockey, soccer, and baseball. My abilities to transfer knowledge from the field of play into the gym and vice versa allows me to train our athletes effectively and to better prepare them for competition as well as injury prevention. #morethatjustagym because I get to be a positive role model for the young men in my community and give back like many coaches did for me when I was a young kid in sports.

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