Coach Kieran at The Garage Gym



When I left high school I weighed a whopping 285lbs of unhealthy weight. I used to be a regular gym goer and thought I knew everything there was to know about working out. That was until I started playing for the Windsor AKO Fratmen and I was introduced to a team dynamic workout.  Sharing struggles and encouraging each other helped me reach new milestones. I reached a healthier weight, and felt much better about myself. After playing with the Fratmen for 3 years, I moved on to the Windsor Lancers where our group workouts took on a whole new meaning. Getting through 6am workouts, 4 hour long practices, and many hours in a classroom together required the support of your team.
After finishing my time with the Lancers, I couldn’t return to being at a regular gym. I needed to find somewhere where I could still have that team atmosphere that would help push me out of my comfort zone. I became heavily involved in different varieties of group fitness over the past few years, including everything from yoga to crossfit, and have finally found my home at The Garage Gym.

My involvement for football helped me find a position coaching high school football at the Tecumseh Vista Academy, where I have been a coach since the school opened in 2012. Mentoring these young adolescents, and watching them grow into amazing individuals is what inspired my training career.

At The Garage Gym, my passion for fitness has turned to a passion for helping to inspire others. This encouraged me to get NCCPT group certified so that I can continue to educate and motivate others towards their goals.

The community at The Garage Gym continues to amaze me everyday and I look forward to where the future will take us.

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