As a firefighter it was necessary to stay in good physical condition which led me to the world of high-intensity functional fitness. I have always been active playing sports, outdoor activities and coaching sports. I started Crossfit 5 years ago and eventually became a Crossfit coach. My age coupled with the wear and tear I had put on my body forced me to educate myself on a balanced approach to not only fitness but my wellness. I became better aware of my nutrition, mobility and through my yoga practice my mental health.

I had known Tony and Danny from the years Tony and I coached minor football together. When I heard there was an opening at the Garage Gym I saw it as an opportunity not only share my knowledge as a mature athlete and coach, but work at the best gym with the best clients in Essex county. I believe in the approach The Garage Gym has taken towards the long-term health and fitness of its members. But The Garage Gym is more than a place of fitness it is a place of connectedness, of being bigger than oneself, being humble and a being a big part of the community at large. The coaching team is top notch with the best leadership I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

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