Garret is a fitness coach and fitness trainer at the Garage Gym in Amherstburg and in Kingsville.



My passion for fitness stems from a beginning in high school wrestling, where I began learning about fitness and nutrition to properly cut, and maintain weight for performance. As the years progressed, I’ve done everything from boxing and rock climbing, where I’ve competed in competitions and climbed around North America. Being present in all these different disciplines, the one thing that remained the same was the dedication and commitment to training, which in no means is an easy task. I began coaching Powerlifting for Special Olympics in 2015, and have brought over 15 athletes of various skill levels to win awards at competitions.  The first day I walked into Garage Gym I knew the gym was nothing close to average. The environment radiated positivity, hard work and team work. Its hard to explain a gym like this until you’ve experienced it first hand. Theres a reason every member is included in what we call the “Garage Gym Army” because everyone is family to one another, inside and outside the gym. We sweat together, we eat together, we celebrate together and we grow together.

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