BHK – Honors in Movement Science
BEd – Physical Education and Biology
OCT and CES Designations
CPR-C, First Aid, AED Certified
Referee – Ontario Hockey League & Hockey Canada (Level 6)

To me, ”More than just a gym” is not just a catchy slogan meant to raise eyebrows and attract interest … it is, in its simplest form, a sincere reality. What attracted me most to The Garage Gym when I first joined as a member and what ultimately lead to my decision to become a GG trainer, is the intense care and attention that is given to each and every member, every single day. For me, this is a place that has helped me transform remarkably in both my personal and professional life.

From a very early age, sport and physical fitness has played a significant role in my development and journey into adulthood. The experiences I have encountered throughout my life as an athlete, referee and teacher all translate directly to what I hope to offer to each and every member who I interact with through GG. As a trainer, my goal is simply to provide the best possible experience day in and day out to every member that walks through these doors. To be a part of this amazing family is something I’m truly proud of, and it’s an honour and true pleasure to help you develop the tools required to achieve whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

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