I have always led an active lifestyle including activities such as skiing, biking, surfing, hiking and camping. I have been a lifelong competitive athlete; I started at a young age being involved in team sports like hockey, soccer and later football. During high school football, I was introduced to the weight room by an extremely knowledgeable coach who taught me the importance of proper training, diet and the benefits it would have on my career. These lessons continued and allowed me to go on to play at the University of Windsor for a five-year career.

While the workout regimen was daily and extensive, I have always enjoyed the struggle of hard work, especially in a room full of people with a common goal and keeping everyone around you accountable to do the same. After graduating university, I found myself forest fire fighting where just the same as before, maintaining a fitness routine was crucial to be fast and competent at my job.

Being a trainer at The Garage Gym, I will always be the energy and motivation in the room. There’s nothing better than seeing someone push past the line they thought could not be reached and the joy that comes from the blood and sweat to get there.

The Garage Gym has overwhelmed me with how much one community can do together to make a difference, not only for individuals in the weight room but people all over the county and I am very proud to be a part of it all.




• Pre-Script Mobility
• Stability
• Strength Coach


• Standard First Aid/CPR HCP AED
• Forest Fire Fighter
• Volunteer Fire Fighter
• Rope Rescue Technician
• CSIA Freestyle Ski coach

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