Train together, stay together, look better naked

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Taking on each other’s habits in a relationship is common. Obviously you like each other for a reason and enjoy a lot of the same things. Tony and I workout together on a regular basis which lets us spend time together while sweating it out doing something we both enjoy (get your mind out of the gutter;)

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to exercises, especially when guys and girls workout together. A competitive ‘spirit’ often emerges to help push you to win keep up with each other and cheer each other on too.

It is easy to sit on the couch and eat chips together, but I think working out together deepens your relationship in a way that other mundane activities don’t. You will see each other at your best and your worst. You will push each other to try harder and make it count.

So next time you’re having a pool day with your significant other and while the tequila is still on ice, bust out a quick circuit poolside with each other then dive in. It’s a quick way to get both your workouts in at the same time, together, while spending some time outside.

We found this makeshift gym in Samara, Costa Rica. With a little innovation, you can get a great workout anywhere!

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