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Thanksgiving 2015 – one month before The Garage Gym moved from our garage into the storefront in Amherstburg, I was cooking dinner for our family after working a midnight shift.  I had been going as hard as I could, building the new location and training members during the day, chasing bad guys at night, working out at 4am – all while raising two young sons with Dani.


I had been sleeping a few hours at a time, a few hours a day, for months and months.  Staying up all day was nothing new to me, I thought I could handle it.  As the meal was being placed on the table for our 20+ guests, I went upstairs to clean myself up.  Completely exhausted, my entire body cramped, my vision blurred and I collapsed; I crashed onto my bedroom floor unable to stand, unable to pull myself up onto the bed until Dani came to my aid, where I would spend the next 3 days, never telling a soul what had occurred…


Since then, my life has changed drastically – We have realized our dream, built an army of incredible people and a team who live our mission, I sleep like a baby and my schedule is based around my life and that of our family.


I am so grateful for the support of our friends, family and every person that has ever walked in our doors. I am so grateful for every person who has gone out of their way to promote us to their friends and for all of those who have believed in us.  Without your love and loyalty, The Garage Gym would not exist.   I am thankful for my wife who on that frightful day, physically carried me and has continued to do so metaphorically every day since, in my relentless pursuit of purpose.


Understand that even the strongest people you know have fallen.  If you have a problem, fix it.  If you have a dream-make it a goal then take action.  This is your life, live it.

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author: Tony Smith

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