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Athletic teams, small businesses, corporations, Specialized Units… all have similar formulas for success-


. A great representation of this is on a football team, where every player needs to do his individual role in order for the TEAM to make even the smallest gains. This teamwork is mirrored in the day to day operations of a SWAT team, where dedication to each individual assignment as it pertains to the overall mission is the difference between success and disaster.

Last summer, a few of my esteemed colleagues and I were lucky enough to spend a day with the Windsor Lancers Football team captains and head coach Joe D’Amore. We were able to complete drills and table talk, passing on lessons in leadership, problem solving and team building that we have put to the test under the utmost pressure filled world we work in. We focused on being able to keep it together when you are physically and mentally exhausted, keeping yourself motivated and your team motivated, constructively hashing out ideas and moving forward towards the common goal. All leaders must first be great teammates. No one understands this more than Coach D’Amore who took part in every part of the day with his captains.

If you are a business owner, a coach or part of a team, I encourage you to let us set up an event that will no doubt be unlike anything you have ever experienced!

“My players and I had the privilege to work with Tony last summer when he set up a Swat Team leadership boot camp for the captains of my football team. We not only went through a series of gruelling physical challenges, but we also worked through a number of teamwork scenarios. It really gave our players a chance to grow together and to work through a demanding challenge as a group. It really brought our kids closer and it is something we plan to do on a yearly basis. If you have a chance to work with Tony with a team or as an individual, I highly recommend it!”
~Joe D’Amore

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