Steve’s Inspiring Story

Like most, starting a new routine can be challenging. Stepping out of your comfort zone or your norm and jumping into something new can be scary. But what if by doing that, you could change your life for the better? Is it still as scary?

The Change

This is exactly what happened to Steve when he decided to make a change.

“On November 1, 2016, my mother passed away after a short hospital stay and a lifetime of unhealthy choices, obesity and just not taking care of herself in general. I knew right then I had to make a change in my own life because I was heading down the same path, and after that experience, I knew I owed it to my family.

It took another 6 months to make the first step that I will never look back from. A friend told me about a ‘New to You’ program they were introducing at The Garage Gym which sounded like something I needed, having never worked out before in my life. After convincing myself with some help from my wife, I signed up. On June 5, 2017, I walked into The Garage Gym for the first time at 272 lbs, out of shape and so nervous that I thought I was going to be sick.”

Who is Steve?

Steve is your typical 38-year-old male. He’s married to his wife Tiffany of 12 years. He has two energetic kids; Gracie 11 and Jackson 9 and two dogs, Cooper and Hope. He is a Mold Maker by trade for 20 years. Steve’s hobbies include; a new found love for fitness, hunting, fishing and spending time at his cottage in northern Ontario. He is busy and has every excuse to keep things the way they were, but that was no longer good enough.

Why Did He Go to The Garage Gym?

“I signed up at The Garage Gym for two reasons; the ‘New to You’ program and the training style that is used. For people who are new to fitness, it takes all of the guesswork out of what to do, how to do it and greatly reduces the risk of injury. After the 6 week program, I had noticed some changes in my weight and how I felt with only minor diet improvements. So I signed up for unlimited access and was welcomed into the army instantly. The adrenaline rush from working out in that atmosphere is addictive and all you want to do is push yourself more and more to see how fast, far or strong you can get.

My appearance has obviously changed but my mindset is so much stronger and clearer from this lifestyle change and being surrounded and led by strong people. One piece of advice I could offer is to just do something or start somewhere, don’t accept being overweight or out of shape. The road is rough but once you get started it’s like a drug and you just can’t quit. So hang on and give it all you’ve got!”

If you see Steve in the gym, he is all in. He shows up 6 days a week and gives it everything he’s got. He’s encouraging to everyone around him and we could not be happier to have him as part of The Garage Gym family.

Your life is your story, why not make it inspirational?

author: Nikki Paltridge

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