Start sculpting your beach body now!

When it’s January and we think ahead to summer or even spring break, the thought is always “Oh I’ve got time”; the time before having to start to eat right and exercise regularly.  Then suddenly it’s spring and nothing has changed and we run out of that ‘time’ we thought we had.

Another very common occurrence is when a gym member tells me that they have an event or a vacation in a month and they want to get lean and toned for their bathing suit, dress, suit, etc.  I’m not sure if time got away from them or if they truly think that they can attain the results they want in four weeks. Either way, we need to get past the idea that high-quality results are possible in a short period of time and that our health is something that we can pick up and put down whenever we want.

Breaking it down into some easy things to think about before time sneaks up on you:

Very few people are candidates for short term quick fixes.  They seem appealing but they seldom deliver what they promise.  Many contain unhealthy supplements and some don’t include real food at all.  Quick fixes are demanding, miserable to go through and are hardly ever sustainable.  They perpetuate an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise and our bodies. An example of this is when our MMA fighter Randa Markos starts to cut for a fight.  That being said, she is doing it for a specific sport and as soon as she competes, her body does not stay at her fighting weight. Another example is a weight loss cleanse or using meal replacements and cutting out food with the hopes of losing pounds quickly.  I’m not saying these quick fixes are never necessary, but in the real world, there is no appropriate reason for someone without a very specific reason to use them.

Instead of thinking about health and fitness having an on and off switch, change your mindset into creating a way to stay in shape all year round.  That doesn’t mean that you have to have a super strict approach to your meals and spend an absurd amount of time in the gym, quite the opposite. The more of a foundation you build, the less you will feel like you have to scramble to get to your goals.  Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will allow you to get through holidays, vacations, weddings and other big life events without much of a blip on the radar. Your body will love you for that and it will keep your mindset strong.

It seems as though everyone feels like they are missing that one big thing that will all of a sudden change their life.  There is no magic pill, no magic diet or secret, the ANSWER is finding something that you can commit to consistently. Small and steady progress will yield major long term results.  

By choosing a lifestyle rather than a quick fix, you will see healthy changes as being positive rather than drastic and unsustainable.

author: Dani Smith

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