Personal & Private Groups

Become a part of the #GarageGymArmy

You control who is in your group, and together we will pick a time slot that works and set out a plan to get you where you want to be. We will provide your group with your own coach to lead your squad reach your goals. This option allows you to share the cost of personal training and is perfect for youth sports, hockey, football, co-­workers, friends, and personal training.


The Garage Gym is not fancy. It’s a place for hard work, it’s a place to break through your mind’s perceived barriers, to be pushed to what you think is the brink before realizing how much further you can actually go.

Group Session Times
Monday - Thursday
6, 730, 9 AM - 330, 5, 630, 8 PM
6, 730, 9 AM - 530PM
730, 9 AM -
Private Sessions
Booked Upon Request -

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