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The program you have signed up for works, but only if you follow it with consistency, and with the proper mindset you will see results. We ask that you attack the training sessions with a plan and push yourself to the brink. The reason most people don’t see results or stop seeing results is because they are not willing to go far enough. In short, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


The program is simple to follow; we suggest you start as far back as you can so that the program stays fresh and you can substitute properly to adjust to your own fitness level. Follow the sequence as it is written ei- Strength, Power, Endurance, Recovery…. Never do more than 2 hard workouts on consecutive days without a Recovery session. It is not necessary to have a rest day but recovery is the key; if you are a beginner that may be as simple as just going for a walk instead of what has been programmed.


You are responsible for picking your own weights and pace, the ones suggested in the BlueLine program are based on intermediate members of The Garage Gym, you can go heavier or faster, lighter or slower. Just make sure it is a challenge, your hard workouts (Strength/Power, or Power Endurance) should be very hard!! Tony, Dani and Marisa’s Programs are based on our numbers; these are advanced programs so be honest with yourself, getting injured isn’t good for anyone.


There is a glossary in the menu to help you with our lingo. I suggest you sit down at the start of your week to plan out your training, read the workouts and email us if you have questions. The program you have purchased does not include 24hrs support but we will do our best to help you. We will no t respond to text messages. Do not count on a reply if you email us on the way to your workout, give us some time to answer you! If you have specific goals or would like a program written specific to you with around the clock support, we can gladly make this happen however it is more costly.


If you have an injury limitation or a piece of equipment you don’t have access to that we use in our programs, please let us know and we will help you with a substitution. There are also some “no gear” sessions listed in the Blog.
For the best results you should consider controlling what you eat. Basically if it’s not going to help you to your goals, don’t eat it.


We truly want to help First Responders to be as capable as possible; for their communities, their families and themselves. It is our opinion that this program is much more valuable than the price you are paying, so please if you are working out in a group out of respect for us and this project please make them sign up rather than taking a free ride.


Thanks so much for your support, keep in touch with your results.

Hard Work, No Excuses.

The Garage Gym is not fancy. It’s a place for hard work, it’s a place to break through your mind’s perceived barriers, to be pushed to what you think is the brink before realizing how much further you can actually go.

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