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So we have a client that has really impressed us with his heart and effort and he has inspired us to create a recurring blog post to recognize clients that really give it their all.


Jonny aka “Drama” sent us a FB message saying “I need this in my life” about 6 weeks ago. Since then, his humour and hard work have been contagious at the Garage Gym. He came in at 225lbs and his fitness level was basically a zero. Our goal in the Garage is to repair the mind and body and to make fitness and nutrition a way of life rather than a complicated diet and formula. The quick fixes and short cuts that so many people are looking for are not sustainable.

Drama gets this. When he is here, he works as hard as anyone but understands that in his time away from the Garage he requires the same kind of focus to truly continue to improve. He eats clean and trains hard and now has himself under 210lbs!!! The Garage Gym is proud to have Drama as a member and most honoured to call him a friend!

A little background, in his words…

My name is Jon Jones, I’m 26 years old & I live in Windsor Ontario. I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life minus a few years for school and a few months for adventure! I was an athlete growing up, nothing special…but none the less an athlete. I was very healthy and in great shape for a long time. I had big dreams and solid goals set for myself – until what seemed like one day I discovered ‘Downtown Windsor’.
Like most young adults around this city, I found myself living a pretty crappy lifestyle at the age of 23. I was out partying and gambling every other night, “pissing” away my money with no concerns for my future. I’m not sure why I did the things I did back then to be honest, I suppose it was all for ‘fun’ or maybe I was just “living in the moment” but this “moment” was also killing me without me even noticing. I had gained 50lbs, going from 180-230lbs in just over one year. I started smoking cigarettes and weed several times a day & also experimented with other substances during this time…I truly,100%, just gave up and let myself go…I recall sitting in the dark beside my bed one night, my mind was racing thinking about life and I said to myself “This has to be rock bottom.” I actually began to cry & weep because I was so upset & so disappointed with myself, I spent that entire night a mess… Since that day I promised myself I would never be that person ever again. It took a lot of courage, belief and strength to beat my demons & I had to lose almost all of my “friends” at the time in order to get where I wanted to be, and to find myself once again. I’m not ashamed nor embarrassed about sharing my story with people because I hope that maybe one day I might inspire someone who is facing their demons to keep fighting, and to never forget who they are when the lights go out.

Wow right?? So here are a few things we wanted to know about Jon..

~What is your favourite exercise/body part to work on and why?

I really like working out my chest. It’s fun and always satisfying to see any type of gain!

~What is your ultimate fitness goal?

Originally my goal was just to be healthy again…I was very unhealthy for a long time and since I’ve found The Garage Gym, honestly, I’ve NEVER felt so good mentally and physically! Although, I have a long way to go before I start swimming without a shirt on ;)! haha

~Who is inspirational to you and why?

My brother inspires me , he is very hard working. We come from the same place & he’s extremely successful (I’m not quite there)! He’s always there for me and he’s always trying to do good for everyone around him. Also, this may sound corny but Tony inspires me. I have a late uncle who was a Police Officer; he was like my father growing up, he taught me a lot and helped guide me through life. Since his passing, there’s been a void in my heart and Tony reminds me a lot of him so naturally I just immediately began to look up to Tony, not only a friend, but as a mentor!

~Will you share your most embarrassing workout/gym moment?

I was unable to do a single pull-up at the gym haha!

~What is the most embarrassing song you like to workout to?

I like listening to weird music when I work out….like jazz/instrumental music and stuff haha

Thanks for being so candid Jon, we love having you as a part of our fitness family:)

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