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Gena has been around for awhile.  She’s tiny, feisty and packs tons of personality into our classes.  I remember the time I saw her doing the burpee challenge and thought “well she means business” and she hasn’t looked back since.  Gena has been checking off her short term goals all the while keeping her eye on the prize; a healthy lifestyle and having fun while she does it.  We asked Gena for her take on her fitness journey so far…

Having joined The Garage Gym, I wanted a place that was completely different.  And that’s exactly what I got – it’s raw, it’s small, it’s strict-ish… it’s a no excuse, just hard work place that you will 100% get out what they push you to put in.  All effort, period.

Having always been on the small side, I still found myself struggling with weight issues that for some would seem crazy.  But for me, I wanted to be better; I wanted to be fit and to finally commit to something that was solely mine.  Being a mom of two children, working full time and juggling life in general, I can easily multitask, wear multiple hats and juggle like Barnum and Bailey’s.  But to find the desire to work on myself was difficult.  Let’s just say turning 40 changed that.  I made the choice to focus on me.

Little by little, that choice has become a commitment-ish (because let’s face it, I’m Italian, we like food:)  But with Tony and Danielle’s focus and motivation in not permitting any unfinished, halfway effort – I’m getting what I want.  I’ve made gains and had losses.  Gains of strength in that I absolutely love when the session calls for about 150 push ups.  Gains in stamina in that I didn’t totally loathe the month of November’s ‘Row-vember’ 2 minute challenge… you have no choice but to exert maximum effort with other people standing there clapping and cheering you on.  I’ve had losses (of inches!) in all the right places that are making my newly purchased skinny jeans sag and making my arms look super sweet in tanks.  I’m a 40 year old mom happy to try on bathing suits.  BUT, most importantly, I’ve easily lost the desire to quit on The Garage Gym or myself.

Every time I go to workout, I know I’m going to get my ass kicked, I know I’m going to burn a zillion calories, I know I’m not going to enjoy it like I would an extra large scoop of chocolate ice cream, but I’m going to finish my workout and think of the next session to come.  I leave The Garage Gym and think to myself “wow I feel great” and it outweighs the ‘I want to look great’ mantra that most people have for working out.  But let’s face it, I’m now shopping for a new wardrobe so yeah, win-win for me:)  I tell anyone that asks what I’m doing and that they have to try it.  I feel like Rocky Balboa training against Drago, and we all know who wins there.

If you’re looking for a tune up, I can’t recommend The Garage Gym enough.  I recommend them for motivation, support and for legit, hands down results that you WILL get.  As they say, there’s a fine line between finding salvation and drinking poison in the jungle… With The Garage Gym you will find what you’re looking for, you just have to put in the effort.  And coming from me, with Tony and Danielle’s never ending supply of motivation, your effort will be there.


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