Featured athlete – Danielle “Amateur arm wrestler”

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Danielle came to us through another client and was immediately liked with her infectious laugh and hard work ethic.  She was motivated but needed some direction and to learn that she needed to push herself past her comfort zone.

She frequently said “I can’t” with frustrated tears running down her face.  Tony was relentless and Danielle always completed her workout, Tony was always drilling into her mind that we don’t quit.  Now Danielle is heard saying those encouraging words to other Garage Gym members as well as to her sister in law who she recruited to join our community.

She is always present and focused when she comes to The Garage Gym and has made huge progress in her coordination, strength and stamina.  We are so proud to call Danielle one of ours because she truly has The Garage Gym hard working mentality and never quits!  Great job Danielle, keep it up!

We asked Danielle to share a little bit about her fitness journey:

I was honoured and incredibly surprised when Tony said he was going to write a blog post about me.

I’ve been on a journey to becoming a healthier person after turning 30 and became a regular at the gym.  I was not getting the results I had hoped for and a friend suggested I meet with Tony and Dani at The Garage Gym.  I am so glad I took his advice!  

I gained the focus I was missing and I was inspired and pushed to do things I never imagined I could.  Friends and family have not only noticed a change in my appearance, but also in my attitude and dedication.

My goals for the future include being able to do pull ups and to legitimately beat my boyfriend at arm wrestling.


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