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Jess came to me about 6 months ago looking for fitness advice.  Soon later, she started coming to the garage.  She was only our second client and the first female I had ever trained.  She was obviously in pretty good shape, but like most people, her idea of hard work and what The Garage Gym considers hard work were a little different 🙂  She quickly bought in and blossomed, shattering her only PB’s every time out.  Based on her goals, we told her to stop worrying about the scale but instead  focus on how she felt and how her clothes fit.  We also warned her that she would likely gain weight!!  We toned down her long cardio days and replaced them with high intensity work, including weight lifting.  As you can see, she has become much more muscular- not bulky or manly like the myth most women associate with weight lifting.  Jess’ hard work has paid off, watching her achieve her fitness goals in our Gym has been awesome.  We are most proud of Jess because she applied the “Hard Work No excuses ” motto to her personal life, as we watched her battle through the hiring process and conquer her ultimate goal in becoming an RN.   When I know a client needs a boost of energy, we pair them with Jess to add extra drive.  For all these reasons and many more (including my son’s crush) Jess is The Garage Gym’s feature athlete!

We asked Jess to write a little about herself and her fitness:

My name is Jessica and I am 24 years young.  Growing up, I was always an athlete.  I played on various sports teams throughout elementary and high school but as I got older, I began to watch people my age gain weight.  Although it was merely a few pounds here and there, the pounds started adding up as time went by.

I kept thinking to myself, “Is that going to be me?  Will I become fat too?”  I ate clean, exercised regularly and was in seemingly great shape, but that thought continued to cross my mind.

That’s where Tony and Dani stepped in.  Tony and I met while I was working one of my previous jobs and we automatically bonded over fitness.  I had expressed my passion for working out and with the combined expertise of Tony and Dani, starting their training program became a life changing experience.

My body has seen miraculous changes and I’ve gained the necessary knowledge and tools to carry forward into my fitness journey.  The Garage Gym is not a ‘quick fix’, it is a lifestyle change built on one solid foundation, “No excuses, just hard work”.

If you’re an individual who has wanted to lose weight, tone up or learn more about fitness, Dani and Tony are approachable, flexible and committed to helping their Garage Gym members attain their goals.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments!

~Tony & Dani

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