Dershahn’s Garage Gym Story

By Casey 0

Dershahn Stewart | 19 years old | Cobourg Cougars Junior A hockey 

When Dershahn was in high school, the Garage Gym was just beginning. The gym caught his eye because of the tight-knit atmosphere. Starting off, he didn’t know what to expect. Dershahn’s first class was one of the most intense workouts he had ever been a part of despite his previous experiences with training. He loved the competitive atmosphere and constant encouragement to finish each exercise with proper form. Even when Dershahn felt exhausted, there was always somebody there to push him to his limits. He remembers putting his head down while he was rowing and Tony said to him “pick your head up, look forward and forget everything else besides the dream you’re chasing”. After those words, he knew he was in the right hands to improve his athletic abilities. 

Throughout Dershahn’s 3 years of being a part of The Garage Gym, it has helped him all around in his sport. It has increased his flexibility, strength, speed and agility. The Garage Gym also made him more confident in himself and his appearance. Every time he works out, he feels amazing and ready to take on the day. The gym enhanced his performance by taking him from A hockey, to Junior B hockey, to Junior A hockey and now looking to play in College or University.

“If you’re a teenager looking to better yourself in any way, I highly recommend the soldiers teen program; you won’t regret it.!”

Dershahn Stewart

While being home this summer, he’s training at The Garage Gym before returning to Cobourg for his final Junior hockey season. 

If you see him at the gym, wish Dershahn Stewart good luck this year!

author: Casey

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