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Colton Taylor’s Stronger Confidence in Baseball

By Casey 0

“I had never felt stronger and more confident at the baseball field”

Colton Taylor 19 years oldbaseball-diamond-at-night
Frank Phillips College
Business Degree

“My goals were to begin personal fitness in a different atmosphere and I had heard a lot about the Garage Gym. I started at the gym during the summer of my Grade 10 year before going into Grade 11. My goal was simply wanted to get in shape so that I could perform to the best of my ability in my sport.
Garage Gym helped me do all of that and more. After just one summer class at the gym, I felt like a new person and found a new love for training. I had never felt stronger and more confident at the baseball field and it helped me have one of the best years of my life as a player.
The Garage Gym helped me to learn plenty in regards to specific workouts and training regimen, but my greatest take away was neither of these. The Garage Gym helped me realize the mental side of training. The idea of “mind over matter” was quickly drilled into my head and this mindset allowed me to push myself and my body past limits that I never knew were possible. I believe that the Garage Gym, unlike other gyms, has the ability to bring out the peak of physical performance in everybody that steps through their door. I know this because it happened to me and that was my greatest take away from the Garage Gym.

I plan to train at the Garage Gym for the next 3 months that I am home for summer, then I will return to Frank Phillips College for my second and final year where I will look to have my best season on the field so that I can sign to a 4-year University.”

“Work hard and never give up on yourself”

Colton Taylor

author: Casey

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