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Start sculpting your beach body now!

When it’s January and we think ahead to summer or even spring break, the thought is always “Oh I’ve got time”; the time before having to start to eat right and exercise regularly.  Then suddenly it’s spring and nothing has changed and we run out of that ‘time’ we thought we had. Another very common...


5 Day Cottage Plan

The few chances a year that Dani and I are able to get away with our family, we gear down our fitness and make our training sessions short and sweet.  We like to make the most of our time and let our minds and bodies get some rest.   We recently went to a cottage up north; instead of putting togethe...


Featured athlete – Danielle “Amateur arm wrestler”

By: hean40

Danielle came to us through another client and was immediately liked with her infectious laugh and hard work ethic.  She was motivated but needed some direction and to learn that she needed to push herself past her comfort zone. She frequently said “I can’t” with frustrated tears r...


Feature – Jess “Destroying the myth about women’s fitness”

By: hean40

Jess came to me about 6 months ago looking for fitness advice.  Soon later, she started coming to the garage.  She was only our second client and the first female I had ever trained.  She was obviously in pretty good shape, but like most people, her idea of hard work and what The Garage Gym consider...


Vacation Workout!

By: hean40

Just because you are on vacation away from home, that doesn’t mean that you should let your diet and physical activity go to shit suffer.  I am all for drinks and treats, after all it is your time off to enjoy, but even 30 minutes a day will give you more energy, make you feel good and make yo...

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