Steve’s Inspiring Story

Like most, starting a new routine can be challenging. Stepping out of your comfort zone or your norm and jumping into something new can be scary. But what if by doing that, you could change your life for the better? Is it still as scary? The Change This is exactly what happened to Steve when he deci...


What Holds You Back?

When it comes to working out and eating properly, what is it that holds you back from being consistent?  We know that exercising and staying fit is important for our health, but why is it that most people decide that it’s ok to ‘take a break’ for months at a time and indulging in a lifestyle that se...


Start sculpting your beach body now!

When it’s January and we think ahead to summer or even spring break, the thought is always “Oh I’ve got time”; the time before having to start to eat right and exercise regularly.  Then suddenly it’s spring and nothing has changed and we run out of that ‘time’ we thought we had. Another very common...


3 Steps to Get You Mentally Fit for 2019

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.  As I increased my focus on combining a positive mindset and mental toughness, I improved in the gym and more importantly, I improved at life in general, relationshi...


A Simple Start- 5 Rules to Fat Loss by Dani Smith

A Simple Start- 5 Rules to Fat Loss by Dani Smith “It depends” is something I say often.  When it comes to nutrition, everything is so individual that there are no real finite rules.  There are, however, a few consistent habits/tactics that most people can follow that will help them get to their goa...

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