Be Active With Your Kids!

If your kids are like mine, when I am participating in an activity, they are excited and truly love to jump in with me!  Getting kids or teens motivated to be active starts at home, so here are a few tips to get started!

  • Encourage health and activity by example – Choose an activity (biking, running, kayaking, baseball, etc) that you like so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.  If you are having fun, your kids notice. Have fun and they will too!
  • Plan an off-site activity – use the parks/trails/playgrounds nearby that your kids love or haven’t been to really get them excited to go somewhere fun or new!
  • Keep it short and sweet – Keep the intensity high and plan something short then let the kids build upon what you did together or just let them explore and run around.

Here are a few short workouts that can be done with no equipment at all

  • The Mountain:  Choose the appropriate reps and exercises for your kids

→ Use a ‘mountain’ scheme 5-10-15-10-5, so the reps build and then come back down to finish

→ 5 jumping jacks + 5 pushups + 5 squats 

→ Then 10 of each, then 15 of each, then 10 of each, then 5 of each

  • Deck of cards (can take a bit longer, recommended for older kids)

→ Assign an exercise to each type of card (hearts= tuck jumps, spades= burpees, etc)

→ Flip a card, determine the type of exercise and the corresponding number on the card is how many you have to do!

→ Be creative with the face cards and make it fun or silly! (ie Queen = give your mom a kiss on both cheeks:)

  • Circuit

→ Choose exercises and reps and go!

→ Choose how many rounds or how much time you have and try to get as many rounds as possible

Here are some exercises to choose from:

• Body weight squats

• Dips

• Push ups

• Jumping jacks

• Tuck jumps

• Burpees

• Lunges

• Planks

• Pull ups/chin-ups

Bottom line:  It doesn’t have to be complicated, just have fun with it and your kids will love it too!

author: Dani Smith

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