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A Simple Start- 5 Rules to Fat Loss by Dani Smith

A Simple Start- 5 Rules to Fat Loss by Dani Smith “It depends” is something I say often.  When it comes to nutrition, everything is so individual that there are no real finite rules.  There are, however, a few consistent habits/tactics that most people can follow that will help them get to their goa...


The Garage Gym Games 2018

The Garage Gym Games 2018 were a hit. The purpose was to create specific goals that we could all work together to achieve.  We divided all of the members into teams which helped everyone meet new people and develop bonds.  After 6 weeks of training, we started our testing. All of the athletes put fo...


Who We Train

We train the strong and the weak. We train swat guys and housewives. We train football studs and video gamers. We train nurses and students and cocktail waitresses. We train you. The common denominator is that we train the willing, the motivated, the ones with heart and the ones who leave their excu...

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