Author archive: Dani Smith

Trish’s Transformation

The most inspiring people I have ever met don’t even know they are that way, it is their natural state. Trish is one of those people. She is naturally caring, thoughtful and kind. She hugs you as if she is trying to show you just how strong she is. She makes everyone around her want to be better. Tr...


Emily’s Inspiring Story

Challenges are abundant in this day and age and everyone faces their own set. Emily knows a challenge. She is the mother of five young children. She is a nurse. She is the wife of a policeman. Emily started with us in 2016 and is one of the most well-known members we have. She is constantly trying t...


What Holds You Back?

When it comes to working out and eating properly, what is it that holds you back from being consistent?  We know that exercising and staying fit is important for our health, but why is it that most people decide that it’s ok to ‘take a break’ for months at a time and indulging in a lifestyle that se...


Start sculpting your beach body now!

When it’s January and we think ahead to summer or even spring break, the thought is always “Oh I’ve got time”; the time before having to start to eat right and exercise regularly.  Then suddenly it’s spring and nothing has changed and we run out of that ‘time’ we thought we had. Another very common...

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