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Age is NOT a factor for Donna!

Donna is a wife, a mom and a grandmother of 8 beautiful very active grandkids! 

She began her fitness journey with our Masters group in August 2017 on her 68th birthday.   

Today she will celebrate her 70th and she hasn’t looked back.  Her smile and witty sense of humour can light up a room. When there is work to be done or an outfielder needed in the backyard baseball game with the grandkids, Donna is right there to jump in.

“After 2 surgeries and within 9 months, I found that I had lost muscle strength, especially in my legs.  My daughter in law Stephanie gave me a birthday present of three trips to The Garage Gym. Thus, my journey started….  The first few weeks were interesting to say the least. Epson salts became my best friend, but I was hooked. I found challenging myself to be better was very satisfying.  With each session, I became more motivated to do more and become better. When I started going to the gym, climbing up and downstairs was a struggle, but now I can run them!  Mentally, it has been good, as you don’t have that ‘I don’t think I can’ attitude, but I CAN.

If I miss a day, I feel like my day was not complete.  It is a great way to meet new people with similar goals and attitudes.  We have a lot of laughs, and laughter can make you feel great!  

So as a lady that is going to have her 70th birthday soon, I recommend that you give it a try!”


Steph Crawford

author: Steph Crawford

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