A Simple Start- 5 Rules to Fat Loss by Dani Smith

A Simple Start- 5 Rules to Fat Loss
by Dani Smith

“It depends” is something I say often.  When it comes to nutrition, everything is so individual that there are no real finite rules.  There are, however, a few consistent habits/tactics that most people can follow that will help them get to their goals faster.  Everyone wants results yesterday, however, consistency is king.  You didn’t gain weight or get out of shape overnight, so why do we expect to see results the same way?

In most of my nutrition and one on one sessions, the information is relatively similar for most members.  Eat healthy whole foods to fuel your body for your activity that day. Repeat daily. Overcomplicating things in the grocery store and in the kitchen make everyone frustrated when it can really be simplified.

These results from a GG member were achieved in less than 4 months from an 80/20 lifestyle- consistent, steady progress sustainable through life’s events.

To get everyone started, a few simple rules can be applied to anyone’s nutrition which will cause some small easy habits to form and consistent progress will reap consistent rewards in both health and fat loss.

1 – Build your meal around protein.
2 – Eat more.
3 – Eliminate processed foods. Sugar is sugar is sugar.
4 – Cook more.
5 – Food is fuel.

…….Here’s is what I mean by these five items:

1- Choose your protein first.  Protein will help you gain muscle, retain muscle, lose fat, recover, keep you full, give you energy for your day… and the list goes on.  This will also help with the terrible ‘breakfast’ choices people make that are full of sugar and destroy your day right off the top. Toast, bagels, cereal, protein bars, etc as your choice for the first meal of your day will only spike your insulin and cause cravings to creep in while leaving you hungry anyways.  Think outside of the box and use these ideas to build a breakfast that will do all of those wonderful things mentioned at the start of this section:
-Leftover meat/protein from dinner
-A protein shake if you are running behind and only sparingly (try for whole foods first always)

2- Eat more food at your meals!  Snacking can become dangerous because at the end of the day, it adds up and they are usually a quick fix and not always the most nutritious choice.  Add more protein to your meals and maybe a little more healthy fat to keep you fuller longer (nuts, cheese, healthy oils, avocado)

3- If you are going to choose sugar as part of your diet, at the very least choose a fruit with some other benefits, like fiber or vitamin C.  Even then, necessary nutrients can be obtained by choosing many meats and vegetables, and that would be my first choice. Humans don’t need fruit on a daily basis to be healthy, I would save it as an occasional treat.  Trust me, this will help with fat loss.

4- Cook more food when you are making meals.  It will then be a ‘meal prep’ when you have to cook anyways.  Think about doubling or tripling your protein and veggies and it will take no more time than you are already committing to making lunch or dinner.  Then, put the rest in individual or large tupperwares for future meals. Keep it simple.


5- Food is fuel for your body.  Choose appropriately. Once you start to feel good and your body starts to run how it’s designed to, you won’t go back to the processed garbage that just gives you brain fog, bloating and fat gain, especially if you consider that processed ‘food’ is the precursor to many of the terrible diseases and obesity that are so prevalent in the North American population.  If you want to live longer to see your children grow and experience all that life has to offer, fuel your body, don’t poison it.


About the author:

For the last three years, I have been working with friends, family and members and have focused on sustainable health and fat loss.  If you are someone who is interested in changing your body or just getting healthier for yourself and your family, I would love to help!  To follow me or email me just click on the links below.

~ Dani co-owner/founder, Head of women’s health and fitness


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