3 Steps to Get You Mentally Fit for 2019

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.  As I increased my focus on combining a positive mindset and mental toughness, I improved in the gym and more importantly, I improved at life in general, relationships, business and overall happiness. Here are 3 steps I recommend to help you get mentally fit in 2019:


  1. Surround yourself with positive people  

Humans have basic needs.  Almost all of us want to look good and be healthy, have financial security and belong to a tribe.  It is very underrated how much the latter can help you with the first two. During my years on SWAT, there were many occasions when we would work until the early morning hours and then be required to be back to work day shift.  My motivation was not for myself but out of the respect I had for my teammates; I would not be the one to let them down. When everyone is bought into this mindset there is no end to what the team can accomplish, resulting in the maximum output of each individual.  Find a place with a pack mentality with a set of values everyone is expected to display.


  1.  Laser Focus  

Make a schedule.   Create a system that will allow you to focus on today and that will help you to be ready for tomorrow.   Remember a “To Do List” will never be done; you will always add more to it, therefore chasing this list will not provide you with a sense of accomplishment.  Every Sunday night, my wife and I create our “ideal schedule” for the next week; this accounts for each hour of each day of that week. On my schedule, I include all of the major tasks that need to be completed for our business and our home life.  I try to tackle major tasks early and I even schedule in family time.

For example, today’s looked like this:

5am-7am: Complete this blog

7-9am: Family time

If I am done the blog in less than two hours, I will knock off a few of the small things on my to do list, or do something for myself like have a coffee, surf social media or read a chapter in a book.  I stick to this schedule to the best of my ability; it keeps me from distractions and makes sure the important stuff, like my family, get 100% of my attention.


  1. You are not average

Average people don’t do the other things on this list.  Average people hit snooze, race out the door and show up just on time or late.  Average people watch tons of TV, engage in negative behaviour like gossip and make every excuse of why they can’t go to the gym.  You become what you consume. Cut out everything negative because you are not average and if you have been, this the very moment it stops.  Repeat it to yourself constantly, make it one of the reasons why you will meal prep and why you will go to the gym. Be proud, set your own standards and be the example to everyone around you.  

author: Tony Smith

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