Founder, Head Trainer

I have been involved in training for more than 20 years, a friend’s father taught me some basic movements and allowed me to use his equipment in his basement.  From the start I was hooked!  I became a gym rat, you could find me in the Villanova weight room, various “Globo style” gyms throughout the city, or in the dingy weight room of the old Ako Fratmen clubhouse, where I played football for the ’99 National Champs.  I quickly realized that the stronger and faster I got the better I was performing, and that training with a small group of goal orientated people pushed me so much farther than I could ever go on my own.

I started fitness programming as the Strength/Conditioning Coach for the Fratmen over a decade ago.  I have been mentoring, training and coaching young men aged (11-24) in football, baseball and basketball for 15 years, all the while helping the athletes get bigger, faster and stronger the healthy way. My programming is not only geared towards men. I have in the last few years begun training women (including Dani!!), I have been amazed by their ability to handle pain, battle through it and finish their task! Never was I more impressed then watching my wife come back from a C section to get herself back into shape, only to become stronger, faster, and sexier then she ever was.

Many years ago, I was introduced to GYM JONES by a friend and the company GM Rob MacDonald.   Gym Jones is a very intense training company that focuses on functional strength, “horsepower”  and the mental aspect of physical training and how it applies to real life.  In the Sept ’15 Men’s Health it was featured in a 12 page article dubbing it “the most hard core gym in the world”   Last year, I spent 10 days training directly under Rob at the Gym Jones facility in Salt Lake City, completing their fundamentals program.  This past summer I another 2 days in SLC for the Intermediate.

In August, I returned to Gym Jones once again and participated in the advanced seminar.  It was a 5 day course in which we trained for approximately 5hrs/day, plus 3-4 hours in the classroom.  The course was gruelling and filled with information.  Some of the fittest people I have ever met were with me for this week.    I left there with a tremendous sense of accomplishment achieving the goals I had set out for myself.  In the fall of 2016 I joined a very small group of men becoming a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor, there are less than 50 in the world and and I am the first and only in Canada.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life as a SWAT team member.  In that line of work, fitness has to be part of your life, failure simply can never happen.  In 2008, I was honoured by my peers to be selected as their Team Leader.  It was my responsibility to ensure that these men were always in peak condition in order to execute their duties and get home safely to their families.  The only way to lead men is by constantly being the example.  I made sure that I always put forth maximum effort in the gym, and was constantly coming up with new ways to keep them motivated, fit and unified.

I have spoken to tactical teams throughout the province regarding leadership and team building, and last year initiated a Leadership Bootcamp program between the Windsor Lancers Football program and the Windsor Tactical Unit.  I currently design fitness programs for several police officers who I currently train with and I am proud to say that the gains that we have shared have been far beyond of what I could have imagined.

My passion is contagious.  I have the knowledge and will never stop seeking more.  I have the motivation, and most of all I have real life experience.   Let me help you and/or your team achieve its goals.

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