Ever since my first FYF class at Garage Gym I was hooked. I absolutely love being surrounded by like-minded people who push me to be better, stronger and faster. Training in small groups of individuals who share my passion for fitness, hard work and pushing themselves has allowed me to surpass my goals and push myself more then I ever could have imagined.

I have one year left in my Bachelors of Forensic Science degree at the University of Windsor. I currently work with the Windsor Auxiliary Police and plan to become a Windsor police officer in the future. I love to help others and be involved in the community, and I love that policing is a career that promotes fitness and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

I come from a diverse and “unique” sport background. I competed in competitive jump rope for ten years with the Essex Energizers Rope Skipping Team. I was part of Team Canada for three years, and competed at worldwide jump rope championships in Europe and the USA. I also coached a recreational jump rope program for children aged 4-14 for three years, a competitive team of five 15 year olds for three years and for 10 years I coached at various jump rope workshops across Ontario, Michigan and Ohio. In high school I competed at numerous OFSAA championships in cross country, swimming, and track and field.

In my first year of university at Western University I was on the Varsity Rowing Team. I had no experience in rowing, I had never even been in a rowing boat when I tried out for the team! Rowing taught me the true meaning of discipline, hard work and dedication. We practiced six days a week on the water at insanely early hours, and trained in the weight room 3-4 days a week on top of all the rowing. About half way through my first season of rowing I developed chronic compartment syndrome in both my shins, and I had to scale back my training to cope with the injury for a couple months before getting surgery. Going from training twice a day to barely being able to walk some days was the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced, not just physically but mentally.

My fitness knowledge comes from all aspects of my life, from rowing at Western to my biology and anatomy classes throughout my undergraduate degree. I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor, and have a lot of experience in coaching children and teens from my years on the Essex Energizers. I don’t think there is anything better then an insanely hard workout or practice that pushes you past your perceived limit and requires you to do more then you ever thought you could. I want everyone I train to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with shattering limits and goals. I also want to help break the stereotype of women in the gym because I know that lifting weights doesn’t make you manly!

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