Founder, Manager, Trainer

My fitness and nutrition knowledge comes from real life experience and trial and error.  I am certified in group fitness training and am working on my weight loss specialist certification, but I find those courses only scratch the surface.  I use what makes sense and what I know to be successful.

Fitness has followed me everywhere; childhood sports, my career in law enforcement, looking lean in a bikini for a beach wedding, training for the Tough Mudder (my hubby knocked me up before I could complete the race so no orange sweatband for me…yet), two pregnancies, two labours, two c sections (= NO joke) and just looking and feeling sexy for my husband…

Workouts for me need to be sweaty and challenging otherwise I feel like I wasted my time.  Diet and nutrition need more attention than most people give it, same with willpower and motivation.  Fitness and nutrition are my addictions if you couldn’t tell.  If you are interested in a healthier life, follow me.  It will be fun too, I promise:)

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